Patio Privacy Screen


This post is on how to build an easy patio privacy screen that will hopefully blend with the patio and not have the impression that we’re trying to shut the neighbors out.

You’ll need:

1 4’x8′ privacy screen (go plastic/vinyl to avoid yearly maintenance)
2   1x4s (or 4 1x4s if you’re making 2 screens). You could also use 2x4s.
Cement (1 50lbs bag will be enough for 4 posts)
Post-digger or shovel
Exterior screws (aka deck screws) (though I’m using a staple gun for a temp solution)

Build the Screen

20150512_192601 (1)You could just have 1 massive privacy screen or you can cut it in half or 3 pieces.. it’s up to you. In my case I made 2 half-screens and later I added another whole-screen.

Secure each side of the screen to the posts by using exterior or deck screws. For now I’m just using a staple gun as a temporary solution, but as soon as the staples rust I’ll have to switch to the screws.

Dig the Holes

20150512_194929 (1)

Measure where the posts will go and dig a hole at least 1.5ft deep. To do this I prefer to use a post digger since it digs a smaller hole than using a shovel (which saves on lugging cement around). 1.5ft is not below the freezing-point where I live so there’s a chance the posts might move, but in this case I think it might be overkill to dig 4ft 🙂


Set the Posts


Fill up the holes with cement up until 1 inch below the ground surface. Pour water in gradually and mix to achieve a heavy cream consistency. Make sure you mix all the way to the bottom.

Set the screen posts in the cement and level them horizontally (both sides equally tall) as well as vertically (posts not falling forwards/backwards/right/left).

Use patio chairs, other posts, whatever you have to keep the posts from moving until the cement hardens. Once the cement has hardened, fill the remainder of the hole with dirt and stain the posts to match the privacy screen and voila, you’re done.


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